LibreBus ConoSur. 5 semanas a bordo. 4 países del cono sur. 8000 kilómetros de ruta. Una veintena de librenautas a bordo. Mucho que hacer y compartir.

The LibreBus project was born in central America, with the aim of generating dialogue between the free culture and software communities, sharing experiences and strengthening regional networks. In May 2011, thirteen activists from the free culture movement, all experienced users of ICTs as tools of free expression, travelled on a bus through Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala, working around four themes: freedom of knowledge and biodiversity, free software, freedom to share, and freedom of expression.

You can see a documentary (in Spanish) about this experience on the LibreBus Central America site https://librebus.org/

This year, LibreBus will happen in four countries of the Southern Cone (Argentina, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay), complemented by an online platform which will facilitate the creation of participatory spaces and will make visible other “virtual routes” through the geography of South America.

Travellers from various countries, with different skills, will set out once again, united by a common objective: the spreading of Free Culture and the promotion of an understanding of knowledge as a common good.

Project objectives

  1. To strengthen spaces for reflection and group work which amplify the synergies betweenpeople and objects of biodiversity, knowledge, education, technology, communication

    and culture in general, as intangible common resources which need to be protected,

    empowered and strengthened by shared and free usage.

  2. To facilitate the transfer and diffusion of knowledge and technology to reduce poverty,social inequality and the digital divide across Latin America, while highlighting the need

    for free participation in cultural and intellectual life and eliminating barriers to its creation

    and popularization.

  3. To identify and support instances of best practice in ICT and media usage, includingInternet, mobile and related technologies.
  4. To generate interest in and discussion of the economic, political and social importance offree access to knowledge and culture, together with the use of free technology for social

    inclusion and intercultural dialogue.

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