Hernán Casciari at the Faculty of Arts, University of Buenos Aires


Hernán Casciari – Orsai magazine

Ezequiel Vila – EDEFyL

Evelin Heidel – Creative Commons Argentina

Moderator: Beatriz Busaniche – NGO Vía Libre

Hernán Casciari

Hernán Casciari is the creator and publisher of the magazine Orsai, independent publication that circulates through the five continents through a network of distribution generated by their readers, and already exceeds the 5000 annual subscribers. In addition, each new issue of the magazine can be downloaded free from the Internet. Casciari lives in Barcelona and became known in 2005 following the success of his blog-novel “Diary of a fat woman” which won international awards and became the book “A Little Respect that I am your mother”, taken to the theater by Antonio Gasalla. Then edited several books on Plaza & Janes and South American, and was a columnist for El Pais and La Nacion. However in 2010 decided to forgo traditional media and started his own publishing project so that they no longer existed intermediaries with their readers. Thus began the magazine and publishing company Orsai.

Ezequiel Vila

EDEFyL is the publisher of the students of Arts, a project that began in late 2011, seeking to problematise the circulation of certain academic texts, both the channels and forms of delivery. In 2012 published their first book: “Quote me as saying I was mis-quoted”, a book compiling various texts of teachers, students and graduates of the career of Literature, and are currently in preparation other three books on anthropology, history and literature. They use Creative Commons licenses in their books.

Evelin Heidel

Evelin is member of Fundación Vía Libre, public leader of Creative Commons Argentina Argentina, and member of derechoaleer.org, from where it carries out the project to build low-cost scanners mass digitization of books, with collaborative technology production “P2P”, used in the Faculty of Arts at the UBA and the University of La Plata.

Beatriz Busaniche

BA in Social Communication and specializes in Intellectual Property. Secretary of Vía Libre Foundation and public leader of Creative Commons Argentina.

Date: Friday, 31 August.
Place: Faculty of Arts, Puán 480, room 218.
Hour: 7 pm.


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